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B2B marketing is a fiendishly complex puzzle: here’s how to solve it

It’s been said that if consumer marketing is a game of draughts, then by comparison B2B marketing is 3D chess. That’s because B2B marketers have to overcome a myriad of complex challenges that consumer marketers rarely face: The decision-making process is infinitely more complex for a business compared to a consumer  B2B marketers have a number […]

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How to crystallise your proposition

Your proposition is the single-sentence answer to the question: “Give me one good reason why I should buy your product”. Remember, you’re only allowed ONE reason. It’s the elevator speech for someone only going up one floor. That single sentence ideally should have only ONE verb and ONE adjective. Finding that one good reason is deceptively difficult. […]

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Blockbuster B2B Marketing

Last year Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo at the LinkedIn B2B institute published their excellent “2030 – B2B Trends” report.  Not every B2B marketer will have the time to work through every argument and nugget in the report’s 43 pages which is a shame as it’s closely packed with good advice.  So with due deference to […]

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