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Selling to a business? To be on the short list, you first have to be on the long list – here’s how

Since the dawn of B2B marketing, there seems to have been a raging debate about whether B2B buyers act more rationally than consumers. Classicists argue that the business procurement process is designed to eliminate irrationality and engender accountability across the entire purchase process. The involvement of multiple B2B stakeholders in that process helps ensure that […]

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B2B marketing is a fiendishly complex puzzle: here’s how to solve it

It’s been said that if consumer marketing is a game of draughts, then by comparison B2B marketing is 3D chess. That’s because B2B marketers have to overcome a myriad of complex challenges that consumer marketers rarely face: The decision-making process is infinitely more complex for a business compared to a consumer  B2B marketers have a number […]

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