How to crystallise your proposition

How to crystallise your proposition

Your proposition is the single-sentence answer to the question: “Give me one good reason why I should buy your product”.

Remember, you’re only allowed ONE reason. It’s the elevator speech for someone only going up one floor.

That single sentence ideally should have only ONE verb and ONE adjective.

Finding that one good reason is deceptively difficult. In order to be a genuinely good reason, it needs to satisfy these three criteria:

Is my proposition:

  •       RELEVANT to my target audience?
  •       DISTINCTIVE from what the competition are claiming?
  •       Demonstrably TRUE?

Relevance comes from understanding what your target audience needs are. If your product doesn’t solve an identified need, then you need to think again.

Distinctiveness comes from understanding what the competition are saying. You won’t get cut-through by making the same promise that the competition is making.

Demonstrable truth comes from understanding what your product actually delivers. It’s tempting to over-promise, but this won’t drive repeat purchase, which is what most companies crave.

Try it. It’s not easy, but it is a tried-and-trusted framework if you want your proposition to have cut-through.

If you are in the business-to business market, and want help researching your own proposition with your target audience, please do get in touch at the address below.

Simon Hayhurst

February 2021

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